Payment Information

Introducing our convenient RevTrak Web Store for hassle-free school fee payments. Say goodbye to sending cash or checks with your students – now you can pay all school fees online from any device, anytime, anywhere. Join over 1,200 districts benefiting from this streamlined system, saving both you and our staff valuable time. Enjoy the ease of automated receipts and tracking your payment history, all at your fingertips.

After visiting our store page, click the item that you want to pay for, like a Transcript. Enter the required information for that item, which might be the amount you wish to pay, who the student is, or perhaps a t-shirt size. Detailed directions on how to create your account can be found here: Payment Directions.

Currently, transcript payments are available online. More payment options for the school will be introduced in the following weeks.

RevTrak accepts debit cards, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover), and eChecks, which require entering routing and account information.

Pay fees with your credit card

Wondering if you/your student owes any fines for library books or Chromebooks? 

Click here for information on how you can quickly check