Incoming Freshmen

Freshman Summer Reading List

For English I and English I Honors

Copy of Freshman Summer Reading List.pdf

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Program of Studies- View graduation requirements, course offerings and other useful information.

Scheduling Information

Student Handbook- Information on things like attendance, exams, dress code and many other important topics.

Important Staff (click name to email):

Guidance Counselor- Mrs. Kelly Thompson- for all 9th grade


A 90-100% 4 Points

B 80-89% 3 Points

C 70-79% 2 Points

D 60-69% 1 Point

F 0-59% 0 Points

ELIGIBILITY for extracurricular activities

A student wishing to participate in extracurricular activities must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or higher.

Eligibility for a high school diploma

A student seeking a Standard High School Diploma at SHS must meet the following criteria:

9th Grade

English I


Integrated Science

Remediation Reading/Math (if required)

10th Grade

English II


World History


Remediation (if required)

*it is recommended that PE fitness, a PE elective, and Life Management be taken before entering 11th grade

11th Grade

English III


American History


Remediation (if required)

12th Grade

English IV



American Government

Remediation (if required)