Chromebook Information

At SHS, student's will be issued a Chromebook and charger for use while at SHS. Once the device is issued, the student will use that same device their entire time at SHS.

Each year, a contract and $10 usage fee is to be completed and turned in. The usage fee will also cover one repair due to accidental damage. Contract and fee must be in before the deadline each school year.

The contract and $10 must be completed each school year. If you transfer to another school within the district, the form and fee will be applied to the new school.

Want to pay the fee on-line and send the form in with your student? Click here to go to the payment page.

Parents and students can access the Destiny Inventory Management system to see what items have been checked out, if you have fines and or overdue materials.  This will include any textbooks, Chromebooks / adapters, and library resources.  You can also see if you owe any fines or charges due to lost or damaged devices or books.  

To log in, go to this link

Username is your student ID#

Password is the same one used to get into your Chromebook

 Once you have logged in, click the My Info tab at the top left to see resource information.