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Library Hours

Mondays-Fridays 7:45 am 3:15 pm

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Online Catalog for the School's Library

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*Books may be checked out for a term of two weeks.

*A LATE FEE of 5 cents per day is charged if a book is past due

*Reference books are for use in the LMC only, but you may use the copy machine

*ZIP DRIVES are available to be checked out, but the fine for losing it is $20.

*CHROMEBOOKS can be charged before/after school and during lunch for free


The LMC includes many resources to aid students and staff in finding information, technology, and media. Our LMC includes a main library and 30+ station computer lab.

What Can I Do in the LMC?

The Library Media is an ideal place to:

  • Research
  • Read (for class or pleasure)
  • Use computers to print
  • Create multimedia
  • Complete projects
  • Study
  • Access copying/printing resources
  • take make-up tests
  • charge CHROMEBOOKS

Resources Available:

  • Books
    • Fiction
    • Non-Fiction
    • Reference
    • Biographies
  • Magazines/Reader's Digest
  • Newspaper
  • Computers (see procedures)

Procedures & Policies

Library and Computer Lab Procedures

1. To enter, all students MUST have a proper ID card (no temporary IDs will be allowed to use computers or check out materials).

2. Students MUST possess an acceptable pass from staff from 8:20-11:26 and 1:47-3:15. During lunches or before school, no pass is required.

3. Students are allowed to print (from computers) only TWO PAGES per day (Only ONE if it is a picture).

4. Students are not allowed on personal email accounts (only school google accounts).

5. No food or drinks!

6. Everyone is to maintain a quiet and respectful demeanor.